The Earth is approaching a 40-meter asteroid

К Земле приближается 40-метровый астероид

К Земле приближается 40-метровый астероид

Next week close to Earth asteroid will fly by 2019 EA2 with a diameter of about 39 meters. It will be held at a distance less than the distance between the Earth and the Moon.

As reports you’ll get an answer, the asteroid came as close as possible to the Earth on March 22, for a distance of 303 733 km. the shortest distance from the Earth to the moon is 357, 000 kilometers. Watch the alien from outer space will be the site of the project virtual telescope. The asteroid will move at a relatively low speed to facilitate the observation of them.
It is noted that the size of the asteroid 2019 EA2 twice the size of a celestial body that fell near Chelyabinsk in 2013.

Earlier it was reported that the Earth is approaching asteroid EA9, which will pass near our planet at a distance of 0.80 distance to the moon. Scientists suggest that its diameter is from 17 to 37 m.

Previously, scientists called 7 ways how to stop the asteroid, which will help to avoid a possible asteroid collision with the Earth. It was also reported that the Earth is hurtling a huge asteroid in the shape of a skull.