The Ecumenical Patriarch was returned to the Ukrainian Church in the bosom of Constantinople

							Вселенский патриарх вернул Украинскую церковь в лоно Константинополя

October 11, Metropolitan Emmanuel of France announced the decision that the Holy Synod took regarding Church Affairs. The transfer of the Kyiv Metropolis Moscow was canceled, the process of granting of the Tomos is continuing, according to direct.

The Holy Synod in the presence of His Eminence Archbishop Daniel Pamphylian and His grace Bishop Hilarion of Edmonton, the Patriarchal Exarch in Ukraine, and after extensive discussion decided:

1) to Confirm the decision that the Ecumenical Patriarchate will now proceed to the granting of Autocephaly to the Church of Ukraine.

2) Immediately restore the Stavropegic Ecumenical Patriarch in Kyiv, one of its many stauropegic monasteries in Ukraine, which existed there always. The decision of the Patriarchate of Constantinople from 1686 on the transfer of the Ukrainian Church in the control of the Patriarch of Moscow cancelled the Ecumenical Patriarch, exercising their right of first among equals, returns the Ukrainian Church to the bosom of Constantinople.

The Synod also removed the anathema from the heads of the UAOC and the UOC-KP, and appealed to all the participating parties to avoid seizure of churches, monasteries and other objects, as well as any other acts of violence and retribution, so that the peace and love of Christ could prevail.