The EU accused Ukraine in deceleration of reforms and refused to Finance

							В ЕС обвинили Украину в торможении реформ и отказали в финансировании

Ukraine has not fulfilled the terms of the agreement with the European Union under contract “reforms for the sake of investment,” and will not receive under the program is 50 million Euro. This was stated by Prime Minister Groysman, the European Commissioner for European neighbourhood policy Johannes Hahn.

There is one thing problem that I would like to share, because I would not want to hide their disappointment. We have had this contract “reforms for the sake of investments” on EUR 50 million support for some areas, in particular the scope for private investment, he had to support. Unfortunately, it was made only one condition, and we could pay only 10 million — 40 million euros, as I understand it, we lost. It’s not something we’re happy

— Johannes Hahn,

The European Commissioner for European neighbourhood policy

To obtain these 50 million euros in compensation to the lending banking institutions, and investing in the real economy, the Ukrainian government had to fulfill three basic requirements: to ensure the independence of the regulator in the energy sector (NKREKP); to ensure the proper functioning of the business Ombudsman; cancel requirements for the electronic Declaration to anti-corruption activists. The only progress is observed only in the appointment of a business Ombudsman.

Meanwhile, it became known, when Ukraine will receive the first half a billion loan from the EU.