The EU made a Declaration on the 5th anniversary of Russian occupation of Crimea

Евросоюз выступил с декларацией к 5-летию российской оккупации Крыма

Евросоюз выступил с декларацией к 5-летию российской оккупации Крыма

The European Union will never recognize the annexation of Crimea by the Russian Federation, which is a threat to world order and will continue its sanctions policy against the aggressor.

This was stated in a Declaration to mark the fifth anniversary of the Russian aggression in Crimea, EU high representative Mogherini. This document States that after 5 years of the annexation of the Crimean Peninsula, the European Union remains steadfast in its support for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine. The act itself is called the annexation a violation of international law, which has serious implications for international legal order that protects the territorial integrity, unity and sovereignty of all States.

The EU high representative also warned that the EU will continue to put pressure on the Russian Federation by using sanctions and urged member States of the UN to make the same measures in accordance with resolution 68/226 of the UN General Assembly.

Earlier it became known that the delegation of French politicians will come to the occupied Crimea to participate in the events devoted to the 5 anniversary of the annexation of the Ukrainian Peninsula.

Meanwhile, Ukraine has threatened a delegation from Switzerland headed by ex-Deputy of the visit to occupied Crimea. The Embassy stressed that Ukraine reserves the right to apply sanctions to foreigners because of a violation of the law. Ukraine also reacted harshly to a visit by Austrian politicians on the “Forum of friends of the Crimea.” They violated the neutrality of Austria and the European Union.

It was also reported that France opened a “representative “DNR” and there was a Consul of the terrorists.