The famous actor admitted to health problems

Известный актер признался в проблемах со здоровьем

People’s artist of Ukraine and the highest paid actor in the country Stanislav Boklan is experiencing significant health problems.

This he admitted during the interview to journalist Yanina Sokolova in the “Rendezvous”, answering a question about what he thinks before going to sleep.

“In recent years, before going to sleep I think about how to Wake up. I have such a problem with health. The fact that I have no holidays and almost no weekends. The head and the heart is affected,” said Boklan.

“Besides, I began to lose people that I loved and love, even if they’re gone. Losing someone, we lose a piece of yourself. If someone dies, then some part of us dies. I have very little left loved ones,” added the 58-year-old actor, quotes