The Festive ! offers listening sessions immersive

Le Festif ! offre des séances d’écoute immersives

Le Festif ! offre des séances d’écoute immersives

The cover of Notre-Dame-des-Sept-Douleurs of Klo Pelgag, to be released soon.


June 2, 2020

Updated June 3, 2020 at 8h47


The Festive ! offers listening sessions immersive

Guillaume Mazoyer

The Sun

Listen to an album of Klo Pelgag before its official release, though sitting in a hammock with headphones on the head with bonus commentary from the artist on his creation ? No, it is not the daily life of a music critic, but rather of the event listening Experiences that offers to the public The Festive ! Baie-Saint-Paul, from Saturday, June 20.

Add to this a “kit listen to,” comprised of microbrewery beers and food charlevoisienne, and you have the complete picture. These sessions provide the opportunity for the public to listen to exclusively on an upcoming album or previously unreleased songs from well known artists in Quebec.

For the moment, the four headliners are confirmed. The Brooks and their funk will listen to commentary from their album Any Day Now , which will be released this fall. The groups Plants and Animals and The Barr Brothers will offer a collection of their previously unreleased songs. Finally, Klo Pelgag will present his new album to be released, Notre-Dame-des-Sept-Douleurs , with his comments.

The artists will not be present physically, but the festival will offer sessions immersive, in selected places in Baie-Saint-Paul, which combine perfectly with the atmosphere of the music presented.

Attention, all of this will be in a small group. The organizers wish to keep an intimate atmosphere to listen to them. Comfortably installed in the furniture intended for relaxation, 10 people at most will be able to enjoy a session. The festival provides three time slots per day of listening, and a limit of 30 music lovers to the maximum.

The kick-off will be given on Saturday, June 20, and will then continue each weekend during the summer. Tickets will go on sale June 15.

Authorized by the City of Baie-Saint-Paul and the Sûreté du Québec, the project will comply with the health standards and measures issued by the government, according to the organizers.

Enhance the value of listening to music

The Festive ! Baie-Saint-Paul is trying to offer a positive note to the soundtrack of the summer looks bleak, in the absence of the Quebec Summer Festival and other musical meetings. While being an alternative in the time of a pandemic and a crisis for the industry of festivals, it is also a way of responding to the sensitive topic of remuneration between the platforms to stream music and artists.

“Nowadays, we no longer take the time to appreciate an album in its entirety, indicates Clement Turgeon, general and artistic director of the festival. We have often done while doing something else and with a support which does not do justice to the work of the artists. With the Experiences of listening, we want people to enjoy the music as it should be and that they take advantage of the environment that surrounds them, a bit like at the festival. “

The artists will receive a stamp of these plays, provide the organisers.

Founded in 2009, The Festive ! is passed more than ten years of local feast with a grand rendezvous of the summer festivals. It already offers a tour of The doors, where artists from the Charlevoix play a series of concert in front of the home of citizens of Baie-Saint-Paul.

According to a video enigmatic published by the team of the festival at the end of may, the group Les Trois Accords will also give a concert this summer in the village, but the shape of the project is not yet known.

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