The FIQ offers 100 800 masks to Quebec for the staff of the health

La FIQ offre 100 800 masques à Québec pour le personnel de la santé

Photo: David J. Phillip, The canadian Press
The FIQ has explained that the masks were made in China and they are certified.

The FIQ gives 100 800 surgical masks to the government of Quebec — the masks she has bought.

The Fédération interprofessionnelle de la santé (FIQ), which represents 76 000 nurses, nursing assistants and other healthcare professionals in Québec as a whole, the reported Tuesday.

The FIQ has explained that these masks were made in China and they are certified. She found them from a supplier in Quebec, which had this amount available but ” not the million “, as envisioned by the government of Quebec.

The president of the FIQ, Nancy Bédard, has published a video aimed at its members, on the accounts Facebook and Instagram of the combination trade union, on Tuesday.

She says that she wanted to demonstrate how much she cares about the health and safety of its members, who lack protective equipment, in property institutions, particularly in NURSING homes (accommodation Centres, and long-term care) and for the provision of home care.

Several, she said, have expressed to their union, their insecurity about the lack of protective equipment for personnel in the health.

Ms. Bedard also says that she would have liked to be able to put these masks in the hands of its members, but, because of the context of the coronavirus, the FIQ will the government of Quebec.

The FIQ was of the view that the government is well-equipped to know the facilities and care units who need it the most.

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