The first parliamentary commission’s virtual history in Quebec city

Première commission parlementaire virtuelle de l’histoire à Québec

Photo: Valérian Mazataud The Duty
Peter Fitzgibbon (pictured) and Jean Boulet responded in turn to questions by members of the opposition, on the occasion of the first parliamentary commission virtual of the history of Quebec.

The elected members of the opposition walked out of the shadows Friday to ask members of the team of François Legault for the first time since the beginning of the state of public health emergency.

They questioned, in turn, the ministers, Peter Fitzgibbon and John Boulet on the plan out of the crisis, the government caquiste, while scrupulously respecting the rules of social distancing.

In fact, they were desdizaines if not hundreds of miles away from each other, installed in their constituency office or at their home.

The national Assembly has been foot and hand to organize the first parliamentary commission virtual of its history.

With a pair of headphones worthy of a director of flight of a space mission, the elected caquiste Claire Isabelle chaired the two debates of one hour each. “Thank you for the beautiful exchange “, she said, at the end of each block, visibly delighted by the fluidity of virtual exchanges.

Only quack : the voice of the mp, pq’s Martin Ouellet was inaudible for long seconds, which forced the member of parliament for Huntingdon to suspend the publication of the parliamentary commission. The listeners of the string of the national Assembly were then able to listen to an excerpt of the piece Under water, by Alexandra Streliski.

Bathed in an aura of pixels, the elect were placed in front of a virtual curtain on which one could read ” national Assembly “. Only the Canadian flag installed behind Carlos Leitão has managed to pierce it.


The dashboard on the evolution of the coronavirus in Quebec, in Canada and in the world

The former liberal minister of Finance has not been shy to criticize the” optimism ” oversize posted by Mr. Fitzgibbon. To revive the economy, ” we must do everything that it is necessary “, leaves to have deficits in repetition, he argued.

His colleague Dominique Anglade asked how the government caquiste had ” to integrate the values, social, environmental, regional, in [his] recovery plan “.

After being told “happy [to] recover virtually” her fellow sisters and brothers from the opposition, the minister of Economy, Pierre Fitzgibbon, has stressed the need” to anticipate the new world ” post-coronavirus. “The environmental issue will take on even more meaning. And […] I think that one is in an environment of capitalism co-op “, he argued.

The member for Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, Alexandre Leduc, calls to “do more often” hearings of ministers by the return to parliamentary life normal. He blamed Friday to “[his] friend, Jean Boulet ” to respond at length to questions. “He spoke, he spoke, it was frustrating,” added the member of parliament for Rimouski, Harold LeBel.

The roles of an mp

“It can’t last forever like that. It has a role to play “, launched by Mr. LeBel, at the end of the hearings of ministers Fitzgibbon and Boulet. The role of opposition mp.

Since mid-march, the elected liberals, and several pq members convey the concerns and suggestions of the residents of their constituency to the members of the government, which, admitting that they have good access.

The leaders of parliamentary parties in opposition — Pierre Arcand, Manon Massé, and Pascal Bérubé — are informed of the evolution of the crisis of the COVID-19 by the prime minister, François Legault, two times per week.

That said, the members want to fulfill their role of “representing” of “their” population, but égalementde those of “controller” and ” legislator “, what they are struggling to do when the national Assembly is not sitting, and that the executive governs to shots of decrees and ministerial orders, they said Friday.

In the eyes of the parliamentary leader of the Parti québécois, Martin Ouellet, ” the exercise [of the hearings of Mr. Fitzgibbon and Mr. Boulet] has been a trainer for all.” “We fought hard to get it “, he remarked.

The member for North Shore thinks that it is possible to organise hearings of ministers and votes of 125 deputies of the national Assembly remotely at the time of the COVID-19, but not in periods of issues or detailed study of draft legislation.


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