The flare resulted in the firing of mines

“Unprovoked” detonation of dozens of sea mines in the Vietnam war scientists associated with abnormally high solar activity.

Вспышка на Солнце привела к срабатыванию мин

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In the spring of 1972, in the midst of the Vietnam war, the U.S. Navy conducted operation “Pocket money”. To block supply of goods and ammunition, the aircraft spent the mining of the sea, mostly near the key of the local port of Haiphong. Just had a set of 11 thousand sea mines of various types, responsive to a changing magnetic field, pressure, and acoustic signals passing ships. Fourth August, dozens of these mines worked — it seemed, without any external cause.

Only now scientists were able to link this anomaly with the solar activity — this they report in an article published in the journal Space Weather. “Extreme “space weather” in early August of 1972 had a great impact on the actions of the U.S. Navy — write Delores Knipp (Delores Knipp) and her colleagues, leading to almost instantaneous and unplanned detonation of dozens of sea mines South of Haiphong”.

In fact, it was then that the Sun produced a series of coronal mass ejections, scattered around the neighborhood a powerful and fast blobs of plasma and charged particles. Events occurred in the interval between the flights to the moon missions, Apollo 16 (April) and Apollo 17 (in December). Others less fortunate — and the Sun just completes the passage through the maximum of its cyclical activity, caused a number of anomalies on the Ground. Powerful electromagnetic fields, brought it to the emissions caused in some places failures in the operation of precision instruments and even power grids, while in the sea off North Vietnam led to the detonation of an electromagnetic min.

Citing a number of evidence, the authors suggest that this event was one of the most powerful manifestations of solar activity over the last century — along with the famous geomagnetic storm of 1859. “In our view, that storm is worthy of a new scientific evaluation as highly significant for the researchers of space weather event,” they concluded Knipp and her colleagues. Perhaps a more complete understanding of what was happening in 1972 will help us better prepare for the recurrence of such events and their consequences.