The Flash season 5 : Episode 2, the first fight between team Flash and Cicada, our verdict

Last night, the episode 2 of season 5 of The Flash aired on the CW. That happened in “Blocked” ? Discover immediately our verdict !

A new week, a new fight ! If last Tuesday, in the Season Premiere of season 5 of The Flash, Barry and Iris have been acquainted with their daughter, Nora, what happened last night ? Barry has he revealed the truth to the team Flash about the future ? The editorial’ of melty offers you to discover his or her verdict of episode 2 of season 5 of The Flash ! In the first few minutes of “Blocked”, we have been able to understand what Cicada did to Gridlock. He used one of his daggers in the form of lightning to absorb the powers of meta. In addition, this week’s episode spent a large portion of his time to explore the dynamic Barry / Nora. The duo father/daughter revealed to the rest of the team the terrible secret that Nora has brought with it in the future… She has never known her father since The Flash disappeared in 2024 for more than 25 years. After the shock of such a revelation, Iris was not discouraged, since they have already changed several times the future and this is what she intends to do once more !

The Flash saison 5 : Episode 2, le premier combat entre la team Flash et Cicada, notre verdict

A beautiful family !

This episode 2 of season 5 of The Flash was rich in wicked. During a confrontation with the super-ugly nicknamed the Block, Nora was acting up. The young girl is very eager to please his father and this led her to make new blunders. This is only from talking with Joe that Barry realized that he had behaved in the same way by joining the family West. He therefore advised him to show that he would love her always no matter what comes, and make him understand that he has put in the time to become the Legend that she knows. During this time, Iris has regained his passion of the past. It has switched to mode see to understand what had happened to Gridlock. Looking at the pictures of a camera, Iris heard a strange sound and it is only at the end of the episode she has solved the mystery… In the last few minutes of “Blocked”, Barry and Nora managed to stop the meta-human, but at the time of him to neutralize his powers, Cicada has made its first appearance in front of The Flash. He stabbed the Block to steal his powers and was followed by an intense battle between Cicada and The Flash. This first meeting has shown that Cicada was not a big bad ordinary and that he was going to make life hell on the team…

The Flash saison 5 : Episode 2, le premier combat entre la team Flash et Cicada, notre verdict

A team powerless…

During this first battle, Cicada has proved that he had largely the advantage over the team Flash. Cisco and Ralph came to help Barry, but that changed nothing. The three vigilantes, in the face of this masked man, were left helpless and without powers… Fortunately, Nora has saved the life of his father returning to the fateful moment where the big bad wanted to stab him. Hearing “daddy”, Cicada immediately stop and his response was most intriguing. It is simply escaped. Returning to Star Labs, team Flash still shaken listened to what Iris had heard, and they quickly made the connection. This is the same big bad that appeared in front of them ! Nora has recognized Cicada and pointed to his name… His expression at that moment was indescribable, and informs a result of particularly challenging times for the team Flash. Also, this episode 2 of season 5 of The Flash ended with a question from Barry to his daughter, who remained without the answer : “Who is Cicada ?”. Nora knows the future and is expected to reveal next week. “Blocked” was an episode rather successful, which has cleverly introduced the new big bad. The first confrontation between Cicada and The Flash was pretty convincing and tease a sequel promising. Waiting for a new episode, check out the first photos of the crossover between Arrow, The Flash and Supergirl !