The Flash season 5 : Nora will she betray her parents, Barry and Iris ?

We had the right to a discovery shocking in the 100th episode of The Flash… But then, Nora could she betray her parents, Iris and Barry in season 5 ?

A sacred mystery ! In episode 8 of season 5 of The Flash, all of the major super-villains of history have made a comeback to mark the 100th episode of the series. In addition, “What’s Past is Prologue” has given us a revelation, shock… In the last minutes of the episode, Nora ran until 2049 where she was met Eobard Thawne, locked up in Iron Heights. She had before sent his notes hard-coded the Speed Force. Nora and Eobard seem to know… Is it him who revealed to him his true identity in the future, since this is not Iris ? Possible, and in any case their relationship is very strange and one wonders what is the purpose of Nora and, especially, what secret cache-t-she… Could she betray her parents in this season 5 of The Flash ?

The Flash saison 5 : Nora va-t-elle trahir ses parents, Barry et Iris ?

What is the secret of Nora ?

It is difficult to imagine the XS as a super-ugly but the 100th episode of The Flash make us wonder if this was not a façade. This season has always hinted that Nora had a partner in his adventures in time and we have just discovered that it is the worst enemy of his father, the Reverse Flash. However, she was surprised and bewildered to learn that Eobard Thawne had killed the mother of Barry. Are you manipulated by the big bad ? Nora is a nasty-disguised ? It is quite possible that she may team up with the Reverse Flash and that it have felt like betraying his parents. We know that in the future she feels a great hatred towards his mother, and that she has never known her father. We just hope that this trip in time will make him see the reality and give him or her ideas in place. While waiting to learn more on Nora, check out the promo video of episode 9 of season 5 of The Flash which gives us a nice overview of the crossover with Arrow and Supergirl !