The Flash season 5 : SPOILER finally back in the coming episodes !

After a long time of absence, a character flagship of The Flash will make his big return in the upcoming episodes of season 5 !

All fans of Barry and his team are going to be thrilled ! The second part of the season 5 of The Flash we reserve many surprises and moments full of emotions. The CW has unveiled the synopsis of episode 11 of season 5 of The Flash, and Nora will be seriously injured Cicada. The daughter of Barry and Iris fall into a coma. The plot concerning his relationship with Eobard Thawne could therefore be set aside. If this drama will mark the coming episodes, the return of a character flagship will bring a little joy to the team and especially to fans of the series. Indeed, since the episode 4 of season 5 of The Flash, Joe (Jesse L. Martin) had not been seen on the screen due to a medical problem, but the father of Iris will finally make her grand return !

The Flash saison 5 : SPOILER enfin de retour dans les prochains ?pisodes !

Joe finally back !

Jesse L. Martin has taken over the filming of the Flash after taking a medical leave due to an injury suffered during the summer break. An announcement had been made in October, according to which it would take a bit of time for him after he tried to film the first episodes of season 5 of The Flash. Joe was almost always pressed up against a wall or sitting on a chair at the beginning of the season. After having taken a rest, the interpreter of Joe is finally back on the filming, and we should revisit Joe re-enter the world of The Flash. The showrunner Todd Helbing has revealed to TV Guide, “Joe finally returned. We are going to explain in any way why Joe West is gone too long and we’ll try not to put him in situations where he injured his back.”. What explanation are going to find the writers, and especially in what episode will he be back ? Pending more information, check out when will be released the Winter Premiere of season 5 of The Flash !