The Flash-season 5 : The new big bad has been cast

The season 5 of The Flash is revealed little by little… besides, we know finally the identity of the new big bad ! That will give some trouble to our team Flash ? Here are all the details.

The season 5 of The Flash is likely to be fairly intense. As we know, the plot should be centered around Nora West-Allen, the daughter of Barry and Iris. His appearance is expected to bring changes to the lives of our team and we can’t wait to find out about their adventures and especially the links that will join this new family ! If these reunions promise to be tumultuous and full of emotions, it will not be all pink for Barry, Iris and the other members of team Flash. They will have to face a new big bad in season 5 of The Flash. But then who will see all the colors ? Will he be as formidable as The Thinker or Savitar ? Check out his identity !

Why are we so worried more about the hurry and less about the harm? ????

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Barry will be an enemy unexpectedly in the season 5 of The Flash ! According to deadline, Kiana Madeira (Dark Matter) has to be casted for a recurring role in future episodes. It will interpret Spencer Young, a female version of the villain DC Comics (Spin). In the comics, the Spin is only known as Mr. Auerbach, a journalist who is entrusted with the control of the media company of his father. In addition, it keeps Edwar Martinez, a meta-human capable of transforming the fears of the people, in reality, locked in a basement, to use his powers to manipulate the perception of the public around Flash… In the season 5 of The Flash, the character will differ a little bit. She is described as “a journalist and influenceuse on the social networks that will grab the opportunity to get to know when a new superhero arrives in Central City.” It would seem, therefore, that Spencer Young is interested in Nora , and it promises to be exciting. While waiting to find out how Young will make his debut in the universe of The Flash, find out who will interpret the Batwoman in the crossover event !

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