The Flash season 5 : What is the purpose of the Grace adult and why she killed SPOILER ?

The Grace adult landed in season 5 of The Flash, but what is its purpose and more importantly, why was she killed SPOILER ?

The season 5 of The Flash is full of unexpected twists ! In episode 16 of season 5 of The Flash, Cicada is again human, but at the time of the process, another big bad has landed and he has made many ravages. The whole team Flash was shocked by discovering that there was another Cicada, much more strong and formidable as Orlin… He was also killed Dr. Vanessa Ambers, in cold blood. It is only at the end of this episode 16 of season 5 of The Flash that we have learned his identity without much surprise… This second Cicada is actually Thanks adult. But then, why was she killed Vanessa who has done everything for the help she and her uncle ? And, especially, what is his purpose in coming ashore in the past ?

The Flash saison 5 : Quel est le but de la Grace adulte et pourquoi a-t-elle tué SPOILER ?

A character formidable…

All the fans of The Flash have been shocked when the Grace adult killed Dr. Amber. She was the only one to support Orlin and to do everything to protect Grace, then why would she have killed ? Sarah Carter, who plays Grace adult has revealed to TVLine : “In the next episode, the answer to this question will become clear. But I can tell you that she has the impression that the doctor has removed the powers of his uncle, and it will seek to restore it.”. Will she turn it back to his uncle in the meta-human ? One thing is for sure, it is that this character looks terrible and dreadful. Team Flash is not at the end of his sentences. While waiting to learn more, check out the video promo for episode 17 of season 5 of The Flash !