The Flash, the movie : coming Soon to start shooting ?

The Flash, le film : Bientôt le début du tournage ?

That fans of Ezra Miller and his character to rejoice, one has (maybe) a good new for the film on this super-hero super-fast !

It was thought that the film on The Flash, portrayed on screen by actor Ezra Miller (seen recently in The Fantastic Animals), would eventually reach a status of phantom film. Unless the Warner Bros. don finally decides to implement the project ? We learned recently that The Flash would have found its director and its writers, and it would seem that the shooting is to start soon. According to the website Geeks WorldWide, the production of the feature film on the super-hero capable of moving at very high speed could begin in November ! The release date of the movie would then be scheduled for 2021, the same year as the making reboots a thing of the Suicide Squad (by James Gunn) and Batman.

The Flash, le film : Bientôt le début du tournage ?

The reasons of this waiting that goes on around adventures solo of Barry Allen ? One of them is the calendar very in charge of his interpreter, the actor Ezra Miller. The filming of the saga of the Fantastic Animals occupies a large part of their working time (let’s not forget that it must count no less than five films in all), and the time of the third movie does not help things. In addition, the team behind the camera has changed several times, before settling on the choices of the screenwriters of Spider-Man: Homecoming as directors. Ezra Miller has teasé the arrival of a film The Flash “crazy” and it is hoped that this is not the piper, given the time we waited ! And wait until you receive a confirmation of this good news, you can always go to the cinema to discover the first steps of Zachary Levi in the costume of Shazam on 3 April.