The Flash, the movie : Director, writer… The film advance !

The Flash, le film : Réalisateur, scénaristes... Le film avance !

Things are being put in place slowly but surely… And it was time !

That fans of Ezra Miller and his character, seen in the Justice League, cuts out the champagne ! Some significant advances have recently reached our ears, and they are of good omen for the spectators, eager for novelties DC Comics. The actor has teasé a movie the plot insane, but this is not all, the things are being put in place from a technical point of view, and it is this that was missing in the project to take off : Michael Disco, Train New Line Cinema, has created his own production company, The Disco Factory, and is ready to help The Flash has finally put himself in the road, and to see the light of day !

The Flash, le film : Réalisateur, scénaristes... Le film avance !

As for John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein, the screenwriters of Spider-Man: Homecoming, they had joined this new adventure as directors since the departure of Rick Famuyiwa, who himself had replaced Seth Grahame-Smith. Since then, little news of the project had reached our ears… But this change in level of production indicates less than the Warner Bros. has not dropped out of the film solo on The Flash, despite the lack of announcement alarming around the super-hero. And it is good, as a result of the “failure” of the operations of choirs vigilantes, the studios have chosen to focus their next full-length feature films on characters in particular. For example ? Wonder Woman 1984, for which shooting has just been finished !