The football team Edmonton Eskimos announced today that it will change its name

L’équipe de football des Eskimos d’Edmonton annonce qu’elle changera de nom

Photo: Amber Bracken, The canadian Press
In the meantime that the process of choosing a new name to be completed, the club will use “EE Football Team” and “Edmonton Football Team”.

The Edmonton Eskimos will change the official name. The president of the board of directors of this club, alberta, Janice Agrios, and the president and director of operations, Chris Presson, made the announcement Tuesday.

“We believe that it is important to make this change in response to the findings of our recent research. In the future, we want to focus on the work that we do in the community, and the excellence of our team on the ground, ” said Agrios by way of a press release.

This decision comes after the decision of the team of Washington in the NFL to do the same earlier this week.

The pressure mounted in recent weeks for the sports teams to eliminate names that are racist or stereotypical.

Critics say that the name of the team of Edmonton is a pejorative term from the colonial era to the Inuit.

In February, the club of Edmonton has announced that it kept its name after looking for a year involving inuit leaders and community members across Canada. The team said not to be arrived at “no consensus” at the time of this review.

On July 8, the club of Edmonton has promised to proceed quickly with a further review of its name and to provide an update by the end of the month. In this statement, the club noted that “a lot of things happened” since its decision in February.

The club of Edmonton will undertake a process of in-depth evaluation in order to find a new name. This process will include research and discussions with season ticket holders, ticket holders, occasional and commercial partners. Until the process is completed, the club will use the names “EE Football Team” and ” Edmonton Football Team “.

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