The forced break will have consequences on the boxers here

La pause forcée aura des conséquences sur les boxeurs d’ici

Photo: Ryan Remiorz, The canadian Press
For Larouche, who has the world champion Jean Pascal, the impact will be different according to the age and stage in the career of each boxer.

The boxing world was not spared by the pandemic of COVID-19. Each week, new galas and championship fights of the world are repelled. But each boxer will not suffer the effects of the same way.

“Attention : it is not to be pitied. We are aware that many people suffer more from this situation that the world of boxing, says Stéphan Larouche, who has not experienced such an interruption, since the 11 of September. But again, after a few weeks everything was back in order. “

For Larouche, who has the world champion Jean Pascal, the impact will be different according to the age and stage in the career of each boxer.

“There are three types of assessments,” he says. You have the boxer beginner, who needs a lot of activities in its first two years. Him, he loses his momentum, but in theory he is young and he will be able to resume.”

“You’re the boxer who is more advanced in his career, who wants his chance at the world championship and who is on the point of obtain. He’s going to need to push it. This is only a postponement for him too, but it is more difficult for this type of boxer.”

“Finally, you have the boxer who is a world champion and defended his title, or that is in the end of a career. For him, it months extremely demanding, during which it must reconsider each and every month in function of what will follow, of what can happen. For example, a guy like Jean Pascal. “

Marc Ramsay, trainer of the double champion of the light heavyweight Artur Beterbiev and which has already led to Pascal, abounds in the same direction.

“It is very variable from one individual to another, depending on where they are in their career and their age. We’re talking about a guy like (Arslanbek) Makhmudov : yes, it is early in his career, but he was already 30 years old. We had just signed an agreement which gave me the tools to advance quickly, it will have an impact. We don’t have years to lose in his case.

“For veterans, it is quite catastrophic. I look at a guy like Jean Pascal, there must be a certain urgency in his case. You don’t want to stretch too much elastic. “

“I find it selfish on my part to think my boxing now, dropped Pascal in the beginning of the interview. I’ve been lucky these last few years being very active. […] It is certain that I do not rejuvenated’t, but this shutdown won’t last long enough to affect my career. “

Beterbiev, who had to put his belts from the World Boxing Council and International Boxing Federation in the face of Fenlong Meng, march 28, in Quebec city, takes about him, the things with philosophy.

“There is nothing I can do, then I have to be patient and try to do something constructive in spite of everything. I have to wait like everyone else. The workout is different : with all the gyms closed, I jog or ‘shadow boxing‘ to the outside. We can’t do anything. “

“On the 14th of march, I had to fight for a championship fight NABF, for his part, said the super-medium of Quebec Lexson Mathieu last week. I am ready to make the jump to these fights, to fights of world championship… even if the government permits this year ! Let’s say that this interruption is delaying my plans. “

“There is the time factor,” continues Ramsay. If it only lasts a month or two, this is not large-thing, and this is correct. A guy like Artur, which is a shame, is that it was a camp full and that we arrive at the end without it touching his pay. But a point of view boxing, performance, there are these guys who have not had a lot of holidays these last few years : it’s going to allow them to recover from their minor injuries. “

Activities shifted

According to Larouche, it’s a safe bet also that the activities of the boxing will be shifted : when activities will resume, the fighting carried over take precedence on the fights planned for later in the summer and this fall and those will also be moved.

“All those who had to fight in march, it’s going to be pushed to the back of the activities, and all the others will be staggered, he says. They will go by priority. (In the case of Jean Pascal), it was evident that it was going to be delivered. Then it was ready. Last year, (for the fight against Marcus Browne), we were talking about may. It had been postponed to June, then in July, for fighting, finally in August. “

Pascal had to go back in the ring in June, in the face of Browne or Badou Jack, who was beaten last December. His clan has no idea as to when this fight will now take place.

“Jean Pascal has beaten three guys from Al Haymon : Ahmed Elbiali, Browne and Jack. The three times they have tried to stretch the sauce by pushing the battles to force us to have a long preparation. For John, somewhere, it’s déjà-vu for him. Not the virus, but the reports of dates. In theory, it fought in June, it is less likely. For a guy who wants to fight twice a year, the windows close quietly. However, it will be ready to put the machine in motion quickly. “

“It is certain that it is a pity, but there are things much more important now,” concludes Pascal.

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