The forest fire to the north of Lac-Saint-Jean remains out of control

Le feu de forêt au nord du Lac-Saint-Jean demeure hors de contrôle

The flight operations of air tankers continue on, even as interventions to carry out its missions.

The forest fire which has destroyed up to Monday morning more than 71 500 hectares of forest to the north of Lac-Saint-Jean remains out of control, according to a new report by the Society for the protection of forests against fire (SOPFEU).

In an update done in mid-morning, the agency states that the progress of the flames continues to grow, but more slowly. The changing winds are still of concern, because they influence the direction of the propagation of the fire.

Monday, 64 firefighters, foresters working in different locations where the fire raged with the help of drivers and staff of some of the suppliers supporting operations, for a total of 129 stakeholders. Other firefighters forest will join them over the next few days, according to the SOPFEU.

The organization adds that a plan for the protection of the hydroelectric power station Péribonka 4 is in force and that it remains a priority. Other plans will be developed for the protection for the units of Rino Tinto and the company DLM, which give access to their premises at the SOPFEU to house its staff.

Later on Monday, if conditions allow, the operations of burning-led with the aid of a torch will be performed to create a firebreak by burning vegetation on the ground. We will also continue the construction of a trench as a fire using tractor excavator.

Meanwhile, the flight operations of air tankers will continue, even as interventions to carry out its missions.

The teams of the SOPFEU also hope that the rainfall will facilitate their task. Environment Canada provides 60 % risk of showers for the region of Lac-Saint-Jean, on Monday afternoon, but also raises the possibility of thunderstorms. In the forest, the lightning can sometimes be the source of new fires.

At 16 h, in Quebec city, a press conference will take stock of the situation of forest fires in Quebec. The minister of public Safety, Genevieve Guilbault, and the minister of Forests, Wildlife, and Parks, Pierre Dufour, will participate ; they will be accompanied by the director general of the SOPFEU, Eric Rousseau.

The province of Quebec counted Monday morning, 22 forest fires assets.

It is already established that in the Bas-Saint-Laurent, the fire situation has improved. However, all the regions of Quebec located south of an imaginary line extending from south of James bay, to the west, up to Blanc-Sablon in the east, are the subject of a fire risk qualified extreme.

The SOPFEU pointed out that the government of Quebec has put in place an information line for citizens : 1-877-644-4545.

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