The FTQ filed a new proposal in negotiations in the public sector

La FTQ dépose une nouvelle proposition dans les négociations du secteur public

Photo: Graham Hughes The canadian Press
The president of the FTQ; and Daniel Boyer

Quebec and the FTQ are very far from one another, with the new proposal that the station has recently filed to renew the collective agreements in the public sector, including the conditions of work of the famous orderlies.

The central trade union, which has 55,000 members in the health, education and public services, has in effect submitted a new comprehensive proposal on Tuesday to the treasury Board, in the hope of unblocking these negotiations in the midst of the crisis of the sars coronavirus.

This comprehensive proposal envisages beautiful and well-salary increases higher for beneficiary attendants as for other employees of the State — as the government wishes.

Thus, the orderlies would receive 12 percent increase — which would bring their remuneration, at the top of the scale, the famous $ 25 per hour, often referred to by the prime minister François Legault.

At the present time, they earn 20,55 $ at the first level and up to 22,35 $ the fifth and final level.

This proposal of the Federation of workers of Quebec would all of the orderlies, not just those who work in NURSING homes. This therefore also includes orderlies who work in rehabilitation centres, and hospital centres.

Other employees

For all of its members, the FTQ demand for salary increases of 2 percent per year, for a three-year contract.

In its latest proposal, Quebec offered 1.75 per cent, and 1.75 and 1.5 percent.

The parties are therefore very distant from one another.

The FTQ also request that a sum equivalent to 0.87 percent of payroll is devoted to pay higher increases to the lowest paid employees for the third year of the convention.

“Ready to sign “

In an interview with The canadian Press on Tuesday, the president of the FTQ; and Daniel Boyer, said he is “ready to sign” the collective agreements, if the Board accepts this proposal overall.

“We think that our members would accept it. It is important to understand that our members are not all of the orderlies. And we find that this would be correct, in the circumstances. If the Treasury said, yes, we would sign a collective agreement with it, ” said Mr. Boyer.

Additions to the workforce

The overall proposal of the FTQ also provides for improvements to the conditions of the period — a theme dear to the FTQ, who has often claimed that” it adds arm “, since the existing staff is exhausted and overworked.

Mr. Boyer cites the example of “substantive” positions to full-time and part-time, which is equivalent to add staff, “owners” of these positions.

“Already, things were agreed on. This is not the height of what we would like, but given the constraints of time… The talks could continue “, said Mr. Boyer.

After the exit from the crisis of the sars coronavirus, the parties may therefore further discussion on these additions of positions, since” there are budgets associated with it, already, ” remarked Mr. Boyer.

The prime minister Legault himself has stressed several times that budgets had been made available for NURSING homes and job postings… without being filled, because the people were not interested in the working conditions.

“It is necessary to develop interesting posts, not 11 h to 19 h. people don’t want hours broken. If it is part-time, yes, but there must be a minimum of hours. It is necessary to give the best schedules, as they are talking of ratios “, argues Mr. Boyer.

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