The Gates Foundation offers $ 3 million for a study of montreal on the COVID-19

La Fondation Gates offre 3 millions de dollars pour une étude montréalaise sur la COVID-19

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The Montreal heart Institute, points out that this recognition of the Gates Foundation will allow him to deploy the research with a larger number of patients with the COVID-19.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has awarded a grant of $ 3 million to the Montreal heart Institute is in the process of evaluating the potential of a drug — inexpensive and easy to manufacture — for the COVID-19.

The clinical study ColCorona started in Montreal at the end of march.

It has for objective to test the efficacy of a drug — colchicine, an oral tablet that is already known and used for other diseases — for the COVID-19.

The researchers from the Montreal heart Institute (MHI) want to see if they can reduce the risk of serious pulmonary complications and death, exploring the phenomenon of “storm major inflammatory” lung, present in adults suffering from severe complications related to the COVID-19.

The Institute stresses that this recognition of the Gates Foundation will allow him to deploy the research with a larger number of patients with the COVID-19, especially in areas where the population is more vulnerable to the disease because of social inequalities.

The ” COVID-19 Therapeutics Accelerator “, born from the union of the forces of the Gates Foundation, Wellcome and Mastercard, to accelerate the response to the pandemic, including supporting the identification, evaluation, development and deployment of treatments.

The research Centre of the Institute believes it can finish the process of recruiting the next four weeks.

The clinical study is now deployed on several sites in Canada, the United States and Spain.

To be eligible, participants must be aged 40 years and older, have been diagnosed positive with the COVID-19, do not have to be hospitalized and be willing to take daily medication or the placebo for 30 days.

The first results should be available this summer, has confirmed on Tuesday the Institute of cardiology.

“ColCorona demonstrates that we can make scientific breakthroughs in record time and in a manner that is economically viable for the patients by re-using existing drugs,” said in a press release Dr. Jean-Claude Tardif, director of the research Center of the ICM, professor of medicine at the University of Montreal and principal investigator of ColCorona.

It can take months before you have a vaccine that can prevent the disease, said Dr. Late in march, shortly before the launch of the study ColCorona. “There, what we need is a therapy that can prevent complications. “

The people who received a positive diagnosis at the COVID-19 and who are interested to participate in the clinical trial are encouraged to speak to their health professional or to call the 1-877-536-6837.

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