The giants of the technology surnagent

Les géants de la technologie surnagent

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A worker in the shipping facility of Amazon in Aurora, Colorado

The global economy continued on Thursday to pay the bill of the pandemic, and the rebound is unstable, only the giants of the tech seeming to float.

Pandemic or not, Facebook has seen its turnover grow by 11% in the second quarter to 18.7 billion. The giant of social networking has regular markets in the fastest most spectacular of its revenues, but in a time of pandemic, it exceeds all the same the analysts ‘ expectations of a billion.

The net profit has almost doubled to more than 5 billion, thanks to the favourable comparison with that which was published in July 2019 when the social network had to pay a record fine imposed by the us authorities.

The network created by Mark Zuckerberg is now used by close to 1.8 billion people daily, 12 percent more year on year. Its family of applications (Facebook, Instagram and messaging Messenger and WhatsApp) key 3,14 billion people every month (+14 %).

Apple health

For its part, Apple has largely foiled the expectations of the market by share Thursday, a growth of 11 % year on year in its revenues in the third quarter of its non-calendar fiscal year, to 59.7 billion. The company also announced a stock split of three for one of his actions to make the title accessible to a wider range of investors by making it less expensive.

Apple has bucked the predictions of analysts, who thought that business activity would significantly slow down because of the closing of the stores with the containment measures around the world. But it posted an impressive growth in both income from its products (+10 %) than for those of its services (+15 %). The net income is stood at 11.3 billion, against a little less than 9 billion anticipated by analysts.

Amazon grand prize winner

An increase in turnover of 40 % to almost 89 billion and a net profit, which double to $ 5.2 billion: Amazon is still the big winner in the pandemic for the second quarter of 2020. “We have created more than 175 000 jobs since march and are in the process of transforming 125 000 in permanent positions,” said the boss in the press release.

The containment measures have made Amazon even more popular and ubiquitous in the daily lives of millions of people. The group has expanded its capabilities for the delivery of 160 % during the health crisis. Its service cloud (remote computing), AWS, has generated nearly $ 11 billion of revenue.

Last April, Jeff Bezos, the founder of the global platform for commerce, had announced that it would spend 4 billion of operating profit earned in the first quarter to invest in the management of the health crisis, equipment, protection to the wage increases of employees. For the third quarter, Amazon has again budgeted $ 2 billion of costs related to the sars coronavirus.

The group expects as a result to an operating profit of between 2 and 5 billion for the current quarter, compared with 3.2 billion a year ago.

Google down

In contrast, Alphabet, the parent company of Google and YouTube, has seen its net profit to fall and its sales decline in the second quarter of 2020, but its results are nevertheless better than expected and his boss sees “the first signs of a stabilisation” of the activity.

The net profit of the giant of the search and online advertising has reached 6,96 billion, or nearly three billion less than a year earlier. The turnover has dropped from roughly 2 % to 38.3 billion, due to lower revenues from advertising. It is a billion more than what was expected by Wall Street and 10,13 US$, earnings per share well above expectations.

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