The Good Doctor season 2 : SPOILER can she die ?

A character was in danger of death in the Mid-Season Finale of season 2 of The Good Doctor. SPOILER can she die in the coming episodes ?

An uncertain fate… The episode 10 of season 2 of The Good Doctor was simply amazing. It was one of the best episodes of the series. A terrible deadly virus has hit a part of the St. Bonaventure Hospital and forced Shaun, Morgan, Lim and many other characters to be placed under quarantine. They are all susceptible to contracting this virus is still unknown who has for the time being, no treatment possible. Moreover, in the last minutes of this Mid-Season Finale of season 2 of The Good Doctor, Dr Lim has been contaminated and it was very uncomfortable… could it Be that it succumbs to this disease and that she died in the season 2 of The Good Doctor ?

The Good Doctor saison 2 : SPOILER peut-elle mourir ?

Lim will she die ?

The Good Doctor is a beautiful revelation, and this Mid-Season Finale was just tragic. It is known that in the series, the showrunneurs have no trouble to shed one of their characters headlights and it could be that David Shore and Daniel Dae Kim follow this example with Lim. His character was taking advantage of momentum in this season 2 of The Good Doctor, and she has become indispensable to the plot. Besides, the writers have offered a relationship with Dr. Melendez, and it must be acknowledged that this duo works pretty well. Their chemistry is beautiful to see, and the expression of Melendez when he heard that Lim was in quarantine was heart-wrenching. But then, this love story will end has just begun with the death of Lim ? This virus seems to be fatal, and we fear the worst for his character. However, we retain the hope that a bounce to come and save the life of Lim but waiting to find out, come and test your knowledge on the spoilers of the week !