The government has estimated the cost of the transport corridor Black sea-Baltic

В правительстве подсчитали стоимость транспортного коридора Черное море-Балтика

В правительстве подсчитали стоимость транспортного коридора Черное море-Балтика

In 2019, the government plans to spend 4 billion hryvnia for the construction of the corridor and Go highway. He should join the Ukrainian ports of the Black sea from the Polish Baltic coast.

#Remontador: GO Highway Highway

? Of the highway GO Highway. Transnatsionalni corridor, yaky z DNA Ukrainian Chernomorsk spoil odesi I Mikolaja s polskimi ports from Baltiska Mori in Gdansk I Hdyni. The project duzhe baglivi for loglike. He’s got sprostite that zdechovice transportation vantazhiv from Baltijskogo to the Black sea. Propaga in Ukraine, about 1,000 km of road.From 2019 year brodovima MASSTAB remontni robots. Zakladka on TSI TSL 4 billion UAH. #Urethrocele #Remontador Ukravtodor Slawomir Nowak

Geplaatst door Volodymyr Groysman op Maandag 14 januari 2019

As reported, Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groisman on his page in Facebook, GO transnational corridor Highway will connect the Ukrainian black sea ports Odessa and Nikolayev with the Polish ports of Gdansk and Gdynia. The project is very important from the point of view of logistics and the need to simplify and cheapen the transport of goods from the Baltic to the Black sea. In Ukraine is about 1 thousand kilometers of this corridor, and 4 billion is the amount in 2019 is spent on large-scale repair work.

Previously in “Ukravtodor” has determined which areas are better in coping with the repair of roads in 2018 and spoke about the inadmissibility of repair of the snow-covered roads. Earlier, first Vice Prime Minister — Minister of economic development and trade Stepan Kubiv said that the total cost of modernization of outdated transport infrastructure of Ukraine is more than $ 35 billion.