The government said that it exploded at the warehouses near Ichnya

							Власть уточнила, что именно взорвалось на складах под Ичней

On the military depots in Ichnya district of exploded missiles to multiple rocket launchers and 122 mm shells. Such ammunition is not produced in Ukraine, said MP Anton Gerashchenko, reports “Glavred”.

							Власть уточнила, что именно взорвалось на складах под Ичней

Anton Gerashchenko,


The tragedy is that Ukraine once again will lose ammunition strategic reserve, which is worth hundreds of millions of dollars and which is not produced in Ukraine. There is now a deficit explode shells for 122 mm howitzers, shells for rocket systems “Grad” is something that is not produced in Ukraine

It is known that some of the ammunition stored under the open sky, added Gerashchenko. The MP believes that after the explosion at articledo the President must assess the quality of staff of the armed forces and “to make personnel conclusions”.

Recall, October 9 in the morning near Ichnya the villages in the area of Friendship and Avgustovka exploded ammunition depots. The security service of Ukraine work out the story about possible sabotage.