The Granby Zoo should open, believes the mayor Bonin

Le Zoo de Granby doit ouvrir, croit le maire Bonin

Le Zoo de Granby doit ouvrir, croit le maire Bonin

The mayor of Granby, Pascal Bonin, pleaded for the reopening of the economic engine that is the Granby Zoo. But he is aware that the situation is complex.


May 15, 2020 4h15

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The Granby Zoo should open, believes the mayor Bonin

Le Zoo de Granby doit ouvrir, croit le maire Bonin

Le Zoo de Granby doit ouvrir, croit le maire Bonin

Marie-France Létourneau

The Voice of the East

While some suggest cities to open public spaces for shopkeepers and restaurateurs to help mitigate the effects of the pandemic, the mayor of Granby, Pascal Bonin, believes that it is important first to revive the tourism industry. Starting with the Granby Zoo.

“We wish that the Zoo parte as quickly as possible. It is one of the biggest economic drivers for restaurants. The more one waits, the more it hurts. (…) It is more focused on it, to make pressure,” said Pascal Bonin.

The latter says that the matter has been discussed with the deputy of Granby and minister of Transport, François Bonnardel.

In normal times, says the mayor, the region of Granby welcomes good year, bad year, nearly two million visitors per year. “The machine tourism is concerned. And with good reason,” he said, stressing that the situation is also difficult for the hotel owners and the managers of the campsites.

With 1,500 animals to feed and care for, the Granby Zoo has launched a campaign sociofinancement two weeks ago to compensate for the loss of income generated since mid-march by the pandemic. The NPO wants to raise $ 80,000 to support the primary needs” of her very large family. Thursday, with the donations received on the website of the Zoo, more than $ 55,000 had been raised.

The director general of the Zoo, Paul Gosselin, works, pending the green light from the quebec government, on the different scenarios of re-opening with different health concerns, he recently argued.


The mayor Bonin said, nevertheless, be aware that the situation is complex, and the fragile balance of power. “It is worrying to see the situation in Montreal, with the pandemic, then that one has it under control here. It was hyper-disciplined. I only have congratulations to do to the population,” he says.

The possible reopening of the tourist attractions of the region is thus, in the circumstances, a “double-edged knife”, he acknowledges.

“If the Zoo and other does not re, it’s going to hurt a bunch of companies and, if they open, it can put in part of the population most at risk. There is not a good choice. But it will take to resume normal life at a given time. We will not have the choice. There may be some fears to overcome,” says Pascal Bonin.

Animate the city

In the short term, enliven the city and make it as attractive as possible sits the head of the list of priorities of the municipal administration, cultural Life and community and Commerce Tourism Granby region, ” said the mayor.

Unlike other cities, Pascal Bonin also stressed that Granby is well-equipped with parks, green spaces and cycling networks. For the time being, therefore, it is not envisaged, as in Montreal, for example, to close streets to traffic to make more room for pedestrians and cyclists, or allow restaurants to build terraces which will abide by the rules of social distancing.

“Public Health has not even given the ok currently for the urban furniture. We don’t even have the right to go and sit on a park bench. I think it is early in the déconfinement to talk about this kind of things. In recent weeks, it is more focused on the eventual return to activity. We worked in our parks. The tennis courts will be ready. The Miner golf also. We work with the rules of the public Health,” said the mayor Bonin.

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