The Grand Prix of Canada is maintained for now, said François Dumontier

Le Grand Prix du Canada est maintenu pour l’instant, dit François Dumontier

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It is not excluded the possibility that the trial of the montreal Formula 1 Grand Prix to be moved.

The promoter of the Grand Prix du Canada, François Dumontier, still hope to be able to give the kick-off of the season of Formula 1 in presenting its course on the 14th of June, as planned, in spite of the pandemic of COVID-19.

But he has not ruled out the possibility that the race in montreal should be moved, like many others since the beginning of the campaign, ” somewhere between the end of summer and the beginning of autumn “.

Dumontier added that he discussed with the leaders of F1 and the FIA to two days, in order to keep informed of the latest developments in connection with the coronavirus. He also said that a final decision on the holding of the Grand Prix of Canada will be taken, ” between Easter and the beginning of the month of may.”

For the moment, the Grand Prix of Canada would set the tone for a season of F1 on the 14th of June, as the Grand Prize of Azerbaijan has been postponed, delaying the start of the season of Formula 1 until mid-June at the earliest.

This decision means that the first eight races of the season 2020 have been postponed or cancelled due to the virus.

The Australian Grand Prix curtain-raiser to the season in Melbourne was cancelled just hours before the start of the race, the 13 march. The race in Bahrain, which was to be held the following week in closed session, and the first Grand Prix of Vietnam, on 5 April, were then quickly undone. The Chinese Grand Prix in Shanghai, on 19 April, had been postponed in February.

Last week, the iconic Monaco Grand Prix has been a part of three races cancelled. While the events in the netherlands and Spain have been postponed, the event in Monaco, has been struck off the calendar for 2020.

In addition, the break of the mid-season has been moved up from August to march and April. It has also been extended from 14 to 21 consecutive days, in order to facilitate planning.

The season should end with the Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi on 29 November but could be extended to accommodate some of the races reported — including that of Canada.

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