The green technologies can arise in the wall face of the crisis

Les technologies vertes se posent en rempart face à la crise

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A wind in Patagonia

Invest in the energy transition, assurance of immediate creation of jobs and sustainable growth, would help to accelerate the economic recovery, says the international Agency for renewable energy (IRENA) in a report issued on Wednesday.

If the States were doubled, to 2710 billions of canadian dollars, annual investments in the energy transition for three years (2021-2023), the leverage effect would be massive private funding, multiplied by three or four, according to his calculations. These only spending (renewable energy, networks, energy efficiency…) would fall under the growth of global GDP to a point and generate 5.5 million additional jobs over three years, ” says IRENA.

“The renewable energies have shown throughout the current crisis that they are the source of energy the most resilient “, at the time of the collapse in the price of oil shakes up the multinational hydrocarbon, underlines Francesco La Camera, director-general of IRENA, the intergovernmental agency responsible for the support of the energy transition. They are “more competitive and can be managed easily, remotely,” he recalled in an interview with the AFP.

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Any 6850 billions of dollars of public and private investment annual objective to be achieved by the end of the decade, would win in the global economy 1.3 percentage points of annual growth between 2020 and 2030, was calculated by the agency for these recommendations, which ” could be for the recovery, fulfilling the objectives of the fight against global warming “.

Every million dollars invested in wind, solar or hydropower would generate three times more jobs than the equivalent in the fossil fuel sector, according to the IRENA, who also calls for reform of the prices of fossil fuels and to push the funding green, ” immediate priorities “.

“Any strategy should also include emerging solutions, such as hydrogen original carbon “, recommends the report : “by investing in their commercialization, governments and businesses, secure a long-term growth “.

Storage Technologies, electric vehicles and charging stations, smart grids, energy efficiency in the heating and air conditioning… This is the time to invest in a better future, ” says Mr. The Camera, which points in particular to the efforts of the european Union, or even Chile.

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