The hackers stole bitcoins at 170 thousand dollars under the guise of Elon musk

 Хакеры украли биткоинов на 170 тысяч долларов под видом Илона Маска

Hackers stole tens of thousands of bitcoins using fake accounts Elon musk, reports the BBC.

The crooks broke into the official verified Twitter account of the British film studios Pathe UK, the American publisher of Pantheon Books and clothing shop Matalan. Then they changed account names and their appearance, to disguise them under a page Mask.

Having access to the accounts, the fraudsters are reported that it “shares” on the distribution of bitcoins, for which I had to transfer to the special account a small amount in bitcoin.

So hackers have managed to steal users ‘ bitcoins worth more than 170 thousand dollars.

A humorous tweet by Tesla founder Elon musk, in which he called the Commission on securities and stock exchanges of the USA fraudulent organization, caused a sharp drop in shares of the company. According to Nasdaq, they fell by 7%. After that, the Creator of the automobile Corporation Elon Musk was banned for three years from the company Tesla in the framework of the settlement agreement the company with the securities and exchange Commission.

Later, the company has significantly reduced the cost of the cheapest Tesla electric car, although in the past Elon Musk has stated that this cost reduction will negatively affect the financial performance of the company.