The Handmaid”s Tale : Moira escapes, and Offred is a rebel next week on TF1 Series Movies

After the release of 3 new episodes of The Handmaid”s Tale, it is time to know what awaits you in the suite. Attention, spoilers.

The misadventures of Offred continues in the first season of The Handmaid”s Tale broadcast on TF1 Series Movies. And after the release of three new episodes, it is already time to know what awaits you in the suite, and end of the series. Yes, the next week not three, but four episodes that will be aired to end the season. In episode 7, “the other side”, this is the story of Luke, the husband of June, which will be unveiled. The flashbacks show his separation from June, and Hannah and then his capture, while this will focus on its status in Canada. It will in addition receive a few new settlers of Gilead, which should encourage them not to lose hope.

The Handmaid's Tale : Moira s'enfuit et Offred se rebelle la semaine prochaine sur TF1 Séries Films

Some news of Moira

In episode 8 of The Handmaid”s Tale entitled “the Home of Jezebel”, Fred Waterford takes Offred to a brothel in which she will be a person dear to his heart. And despite the pessimism of the person in question, Offred will continue to believe in the resistance and a better future. The flashbacks will be interested in the life of Nick and how he became a Eye in the service of Gilead. Finally Serena will show a little kindness towards Offred. Episode 9, “The Bridge”, will show a new encounter between Offred and the same person of the brothel, which will lead to an exchange is crucial for the result.

The Handmaid's Tale : Moira s'enfuit et Offred se rebelle la semaine prochaine sur TF1 Séries Films

A first season fascinating

In “The Bridge”, you’ll also Ofwarren become Ofdaniel and support difficult the separation from her daughter. This will lead to a situation particularly complicated, which will require the intervention of Offred in order to avoid a serious accident occurs. Finally after a change of mentality in full, a dear friend of Moira will escape. In episode 10, the last one of the season entitled “Night”, a flashback will show the capture of June while in the present, Offred discovers that she is pregnant. During the stoning programmed Ofdaniel, Offred refuses to kill his friend and will be followed by all the servants of scarlet. Finally, a surprise awaits him at the end of the episode, and it will have to wait for season 2 of the series on TF1 Series Films to learn a little more…