The holiday of the Angels 3 : Bryan makes Sarah Martins jealous, a couple reconciles… Replay of the episode 55

Tonight in The Holiday Angels 3, boys play singles in a nightclub, and a couple decides to give themselves a new chance.

Tonight at the villa, Angela arrives to take stock of the jobs of the week. Unsurprisingly, Thomas and his violent quarrel with Jaja at the job manicure in The Holiday Angels 3 receive a sanction on the part of the fairy godmother, which puts the house in danger for the next week. Fortunately, the job yard is a real success, because the angels receive a bonus of 300 pesos for a reward of their involvement. After this good new, everyone jumps with joy on learning that a box release night has been organised in a club connected to the city. The opportunity for girls to make jealous their ex !

Les vacances des Anges 3 : Bryan rend Sarah Martins jalouse, un couple se réconcilie... Replay de l'épisode 55

If everyone is excited to go to spend the evening in a box, Angela announces to several angels that they have an appointment at four o’clock in the morning to admire the sunrise in a hot air balloon ride. An opportunity of madness that does not please at all to Léana and Sarah Fraisou. The two young women would have largely preferred to go dancing in a box, and do not hide their disappointment. Parties in the evening, Thomas and Bryan take advantage of their new life as singles. An attitude that puts Sarah Martins out of her. After a discussion with the candidate, things will eventually calm down between the two former, which even decide to give a new (but last !) chance.

Les vacances des Anges 3 : Bryan rend Sarah Martins jalouse, un couple se réconcilie... Replay de l'épisode 55

For the angels went to the hot-air balloon, the departure is very early. Yamina, Florian and all the others take advantage of the show, but of course, the stories of the previous day are on everyone’s lips, and the candidates have been looking forward to returning to the villa for debrief of the evening in the box. After that Sarah and Bryan are delivered in couple, Tressia tells Léana, which is clashait violently with Thomas to the point of coming to hand in The Holiday Angels 3, that her ex has spent the night hitting on girls during the evening, which validates the candidate in his choice not to speak with him.