The holiday of the Angels 3 : Léana and Thomas ready to fight, Jaja pète a lead for a job… Replay of the episode 54

Tonight in The Holiday Angels 3, Thomas and Léana almost come to blows, and Jaja does not support the authority.

Since the arrival of Jaja in The Holiday Angels 3, it is war to the villa. After his violent clash with Thomas, the candidate has listened to the doors, and repeated a conversation between Bryan and the other boys at Sarah Martins. Furious, the interested main decides to drop the candidate in front of the whole world. After a morning rich in twists and turns Angela arrives, and débriefe with the candidates of the last job of the Angels. Despite a few errors it was a success, and with 1000 pesos in addition, the rent for the week is paid ! But the jobs continue, and Jaja, Yamina, Rémi and Yoann are sent on a shipyard.

Les vacances des Anges 3 : Léana et Thomas prêts à se battre, Jaja pète un plomb pendant un job... Replay de l'épisode 54

If the job shipyard begins in the right mood, Jaja dude loses it when the boss calls to order. The candidate does not support the authority, and tone up quickly when it puts the paint on his shoes. For his part, Remi simulates an injury to avoid work, and causes the wrath of Yamina. Despite these few differences, the boss finally seems to be happy with the candidates work, and congratulate them. At the villa, Thomas, who almost quit the filming of the Holiday of the Angels 3 after his break-up with Léana, is still very tucked up against his as After having heard the speech of the Marseillais, Léana explodes, and her balance in front of everyone that she has ever loved.

Les vacances des Anges 3 : Léana et Thomas prêts à se battre, Jaja pète un plomb pendant un job... Replay de l'épisode 54

A violent quarrel breaks out between Thomas and Léana, which are on the verge of come to blows. Even if the two candidates end up calming down, the two former continue to throw spikes at rehearsals all day, and Sarah Martins takes advantage of the electric atmosphere for the settlement of his accounts with Bryan. Once again, the young woman explodes, and deals with the candidate of duck. For the former secrétiste this is too much ! The young man explodes, and a new argument broke out between the two e.g. To relax everyone, Bryan, Thomas, Corentin, Florian and Fred have the right to a course of crossfit. The opportunity for Florian to share his passion with other candidates.