The holiday of the Angels 3 : Sarah Fraisou falls to die laughing, Thomas and Léana in cold… Replay of the episode 47

You missed the episode 47 of Marseille VS the rest of the World 3 ? Check out our replay just below.

Candidates NRJ12 are always on the hooked branch and the activity turns to the disaster for Sarah Fraisou who has published a new photo of her physical transformation. The young woman is several meters above the ground, and she is completely paralyzed ! During this time, Florian and Yamina exchange a small kiss with all discretion… The two lovebirds love this little game of hide-and-seek, all the more that all the other candidates are far from imagining that they are already couple ! Rémi Notta and Yoann are also in panic… But luckily, all the Angels come to finish this activity with more or less difficulty.

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During this time, Fred, Corentin, Sarah Martins and Sabrina go to the beach to sell donuts. They have to sell 70 doughnuts in 1 hour under a blazing sun ! A job that promises to be more complicated than expected, but they managed finally to sell all of the donuts. For his part, Thomas decides to make a surprise to tata Fredo making him a huge sign for his room where he writes that all the candidates like it very strong. Back at the villa, Fred, Corentin, Sarah Martins, and Sabrina (who were in the manor of Paris with the drafting of melty) decide to tell their comrades that they have missed the job… A disappointment for the Angels ! And Fred, she discovers the sign of Thomas and she is very touched !

Les vacances des Anges 3 : Sarah Fraisou fait une chute à mourir de rire, Thomas et Léana en froid... Replay de l'épisode 47

Later, Angela arrives at the villa to make the balance of the week. And to the surprise of everyone, the job of the doughnuts has been won hands down ! The Angels understand then that Fred, Corentin, Sarah Martins and Sabrina have done a huge joke. The evening came, the Angels leave in the evening and this is the opportunity for Yamina and Florian isolating… Tressia and Sarah Fraisou then decided to spy upon them, but this last fall by bumping on a sun-lounger. Tressia died of laughter and so were we ! Thomas, himself, is quite cold with Léana… It was hard to take the hit of the strip. A malaise settles between them ! Tomorrow in the next episode, Yamina and Florian are going to formalize their relationship !