The hommage à Émile Loranger amputated by technical difficulties

L’hommage à Émile Loranger amputé par des difficultés techniques

The first meeting of the online council of L’ancienne-Lorette without Emile Loranger has experienced technical problems.

28 April 2020 23h13


The hommage à Émile Loranger amputated by technical difficulties

L’hommage à Émile Loranger amputé par des difficultés techniques

Émilie Pelletier

The Sun


The session of the municipal council of L’ancienne-Lorette looked different on Tuesday night. She not only stood in line because of the health crisis, but it was also the first meeting since the death of the mayor Émile Loranger.

The municipal councillors have found themselves virtually for the holding of the regular meeting of the council, pandemic COVID-19 requires. The broadcast was scheduled for live on YouTube, but technical difficulties have forced the councillors to continue their videoconferencing without spectators. Their discussions inaudible to react, the internet and some would have preferred to see the meeting be adjourned. To reassure them, the City announced that it would make available the session on the Web, in the late evening. Recall that the mayor himself had chaired a meeting of the board at a distance, just a few days before his death.


Just as the flags of the city were at half-mast on the announcement of his death, the members of the city council gathered at a distance had also intended to emphasize the outset undergoes the mayor Émile Loranger. It is true that their colleague was away from home often in recent years, but this time he will not give any more the feet in the town hall. In the night of 1 to 2 April, Mr. Loranger, who was in charge of the municipality since 1983, died of complications of heart at the age of 73 years.

It thus would not pass over in silence his reign of over three decades. The agenda included a minute of silence in honour of the mayor who had to complete a ninth consecutive term at the head of the municipality. A tribute to him had been rendered when the agglomeration council meeting of 8 April.

The mayor, acting Sylvie Butterfly animated the session of the council. The appointment of a deputy mayor has also taken place; it has been determined that the adviser Charles Guérard, elected from the district Saint-Olivier, will serve if Ms. Butterfly is absent or that it is not able to fulfill the duties related to his office.

For the rest of the things, the Lorettains will be invited to ballot during the upcoming municipal elections in November 2021.

A page of history turns

Since the death of Émile Loranger, “recognized for his qualities as a unifier and builder,” the Web site of L’ancienne-Lorette displays a page in honour of the politician and of his career. “Recognized […] for his generosity and for his deep respect of the citizens, Mr. Loranger was a man of the people, since always get involved in our community. Among the great fights of his long career include the demergers, as well as that of the town, he continued to pursue in the best interest of our population, it placed always at the heart of its decisions”, can we read over a list of several of its major achievements. Among these include the establishment of the Festival Lorettain, which every year welcomes more than 10,000 visitors, as well as the construction of sports and cultural facilities.

On this tribute page also included many messages of sympathy from fellow politicians and citizens, as well as a photo gallery as a souvenir.

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