The hours of the parking lot of the spring carried over from one month to Montreal

Les horaires de stationnement du printemps reportés d’un mois à Montréal

Photo: Valérian Mazataud The Duty
The entry into force of the schedules of the street signs will change from 1st April to 1st may.

Montréal grants a respite to motorists due to the pandemic of the COVID-19. The City announced on Monday that the entry into force of the schedules of spring street signs would be delayed one month, from 1st of April to 1st of may.

“During all the month of April, there will be no finding of a violation of this effect, specified to the City by way of press release. This measure is valid for all of the boroughs.”

In addition, thumbnails of parking reserved for residents (SRRR) are overdue will be regarded as valid “until further order”, and the granting of these thumbnails is suspended for the moment. “Only people with a sticker can park in the areas SRRR, without which [the people] expose themselves to a statement of offence”, however, emphasises the City.

The parking agents prioritize the crimes that have the greatest effect on the safety of the public. Motorists should note, however, that the payment remains for the metered parking.

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