The hurricane “Hanna” reached the Texas

L’ouragan «Hanna» atteint le Texas

Photo: Courtney Sacco Corpus Christi Caller-Times via AP
Some floods have been observed in the city of Corpus Christi, Texas, on Saturday after the passage of hurricane “Hanna”.

Hurricane Hanna, the first of the year 2020 on the Atlantic coast was reached Saturday in Texas, a bearer of heavy rain, squalls, and possibly flood very dangerous, while this Southern State of the United States is under pressure to respond to the outbreak of coronavirus.

Hanna has earned the island the Padre to 17 hours of local and swept up the coast as a storm of category 1, with winds of up to 145 kilometres per hour, said the national hurricane Center.

It should be headed Saturday evening to the south of Texas and then to the north-east of Mexico Sunday.

Hanna is expected to produce heavy rains in some parts of southern Texas and northeastern Mexico. These rains will likely cause flash floods, which pose a mortal danger “, and could make out streams of their bed, had warned the meteorologists.

Hanna was a few hundred miles of Corpus Christi, Texas, when he reached the land. The city of 325 000 inhabitants, which is one of the main foci of infection of the epidemic of coronavirus in Texas, had closed libraries and museums while the inhabitants were preparing to the storm, reported the local media.

The damage appeared limited in a first time, with only a few floods and power outages, localized.

According to images broadcast by the meteorological services of Corpus Christi, the water has reached the art museum of the city, located by the sea.

Hanna could dump 450 millimetres of rain by Monday on the south of Texas and the mexican States of Coahuila and Nuevo Leon, and northern Tamaulipas.

The ribs will continue to be battered by the storm, with waves that can reach up to 1.8 metres, were added to the meteorologists.

To prevent contagion

Two other low-pressure systems were active Saturday, hurricane Douglas, heading toward the Hawaiian islands in the Pacific, and tropical storm Gonzalonear the leeward Islands in the Atlantic.

“My government is closely monitoring hurricane Douglas near Hawaii and Hanna, who reached the Texas “, has tweeted the president, Donald Trump.

“We continue to coordinate with these two Statements — listen to the emergency services […] to protect your family and your property ! “, he added.

The United States is the country most affected in the world by the coronavirus with an estimated 4.2 million cases reported, and the authorities will have to find a way of preventing contagion between persons forced to leave their homes because of the hurricanes expected this season.

Douglas, one-time classified category 4 hurricane, became a storm of category 1 with winds of up to 145 km/h when A hurricane advisory has been launched on the hawaiian island of Oahu.

The venezuelan government has warned of heavy rains and strong winds to the approach of Gonzalo in the Caribbean. High waves pounded the eastern coast of the country and the current was cut off in some areas Saturday, reported the media venezuelans.

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