The inflatable pools are very popular in the time of a pandemic

Les piscines gonflables très populaires en période de pandémie

Les piscines gonflables très populaires en période de pandémie

Consumers are trying to improve recreation at home for their children and their pets and are turning to inflatable pools.


July 22, 2020 18h39

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The inflatable pools are very popular in the time of a pandemic

Christopher Reynolds

The canadian Press

The attraction of inflatable pools boosted sales of toys in this period of a pandemic, while consumers are trying to improve recreation at home for their children and their pets.

The research firm markets the NPD Group Canada says sales of inflatable pools has increased by 107 % between April and June compared to the same period last year.

Swimming pools, like other recreational items and equipment that have a high increase such as puzzles and board games, offer a easy business for families – dogs included – and a distraction for refreshing the children are stuck at home, ” says the analyst Joan Ramsay.

“The parks are closed, the parents were looking for ways to entertain their children at home outside,” said Mrs. Ramsay, stressing that the closures extended schools increased the need to provide other activities.

“These are things that you can do in a group. It would not surprise me that the adults – if they are not completely seated in the pool – it dip at least their feet to cool off,” she said.

“A guy I work with said that they had purchased a larger inflatable swimming pool for him and his wife to enter with their child for a year.”

The inflatable pools, which generally cost between $ 100 and $ 600, are part of larger items that online sales have experienced an increase in popularity, with sets for the games and trampolines, while sales of toys are small have fallen slightly in April and may, according to NPD Canada.

“You could not go online to buy a small doll, but you could do it if you make a larger purchase,” said Mrs Ramsay.

The pools and puzzles

Over the last three months, sales of inflatable pools – the toy is the most sold in may – not have been exceeded by those of the puzzles: the sales of packages of 1000 pieces or more have increased by 150 % compared to the same period last year, as consumers are confined to looking for activities to entertain themselves.

The total sales of toys increased 16 % in the last quarter, according to NPD Canada. Video games and consoles – for adults and children – have experienced a sustained increase in sales of 57 %, beating all records.

The popularity of the toys and entertainment items is part of a broader trend that promote comfort and convenience to the home.

“The phenomenon of the production of bread has been well-documented,” said Ms. Ramsay. And if you don’t go to Starbucks every morning, you can splurge for a better coffee maker. Or you buy a computer screen, and not squint in front of a laptop.”

Goods related to leisure have also experienced increases, Canadian Tire has recorded a request “unprecedented.”

“Bicycles, products, fun for the backyard (including the swimming pools inflatable and steel frame and the accessories of swimming pool) as well as the trampolines and nets basketball are just a few examples,” said the spokesperson Cathy Kurzbock.

The Home Depot, the float pool “Lamalicorne” – a llama, pink inflatable with sunglasses and a horn front colorful, has proven to be extremely popular. Above-ground pools more robust, and the accessories that are associated with them have also benefited from a strong increase in sales, said the company.

Toys ‘R’ Us found itself swamped with calls for inflatable pools, while sales soared by 70% compared to last year. The company has also recorded more sales of balloons and slides inflatable.

Books and construction toys have experienced a greater demand at the beginning of the pandemic, noted the spokesperson from Toys ‘R’ Us, Paige Exell, in an e-mail. Now, families are trying to enjoy the summer in the context of the pandemic.

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