The inhabitants of the countries of the Northern hemisphere can observe infrequent natural phenomenon

Жители стран Северного полушария смогут наблюдать нечастое природное явление

With tomorrow

The inhabitants of the countries of the Northern hemisphere will be able to observe how the lunar penumbra will cover the sun’s disk. The maximum phase amount Φ of 0.74.

This writes the Naked Science.

The astronomical phenomenon will be seen in the North-Eastern part of Russia, China, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Korea, as well as in Scandinavia and North America. The fullness of a solar Eclipse depends on the location of observers: for example, in Yakutsk, the expected maximum phase — 0,57 (1 full phase, values of particular eclipses do not reach 1), and the North pole is 0.65.

The onset of the maximum phase of the private solar Eclipse is expected at 13:23: coordinates will be 70.4° North latitude and 174.5° East longitude. Best phenomenon will be seen in the area of Wrangel island. For safe and comfortable monitoring is recommended to wear safety goggles.

By the way, this is the last (third) in this year’s solar Eclipse. In the summer of 2019, July 2, it will be possible to observe the total solar Eclipse. In August of last year was the same astronomical phenomenon — with the maximum phase of 1.

According to doctors, a solar Eclipse does not effect on the psyche of a healthy person. Psychiatrist Paul Meschanov says that the mental state in the hours can only be influenced by prejudices. Professor Simon Rapoport of the Russian Academy of medical Sciences believes that the physical state of a solar Eclipse cannot affect because of its short duration.

By the way, this is not the last astronomical phenomenon of the summer. On the night of August 13, earthlings will be able to observe often the free fall of over 100 meteors per hour from the constellation Perseus. This annual meteor shower is typical for August (the Earth passes through the tail of the comet swift—Tuttle, consisting of dust particles).

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