The interior designer who will become a servant

Le designer d'intérieur qui deviendra préposé

Le designer d'intérieur qui deviendra préposé

Febrile, Martin Won will begin his attendant training on Monday.


June 14, 2020

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The interior designer who will become a servant

Le designer d'intérieur qui deviendra préposé

Le designer d'intérieur qui deviendra préposé

Judith Desmeules

The Sun

Martin Earned just blow out 44 candles. On Monday, he will leave the interior design to become certified. It will take care of the people in loss of autonomy in NURSING homes, a task very different from the sale of furniture.

It will be part of the first cohort of employees, who will arrive in the accommodation centres in September.

“I want to help. Without pretension, I want to participate in the movement that will change things,” he says, simply.

Martin Earned working in shops, malls or shops for more than 20 years. He was also the interior designer to his or her account, and even the owner of a bed and breakfast in Magog, quebec, before moving to Quebec.

Through her experience, the contact with the public remained the most interesting part of his work. “Especially my exchanges with the older people… It has a facility to communicate together, I have always had an easy approach with them, small gestures, knowing smiles. We must respect them, we will all grow old.”

The distress of the CHSLD during the pandemic will be convinced : he was going to make a career change. He had already made a long way since a year ago, an introspective journey which impelled him to serve the citizen differently, not just selling furniture.

“The call was very strong. I didn’t realize that it was made there. It is dramatic to see these people fall ill, I find it difficult. In addition, it is an environment that I know well, for a long time I visited my grandparents in NURSING homes”, he explains.

Path just drawn

Martin Won was comfortably seated in front of the tv with their spouse, their routine press conference, when the prime minister announced that a special training program had been established, in order to compensate for the lack of attendants in the province.

Mr. Legault had not finished explaining the instructions that Martin was already on the phone with the receptionist at the vocational training Centre Fierbourg of Quebec to register.

“I want to give the best of me in a new way, a little less superficial, more human. This is not ephemeral, I want to spend the rest of my career to this profession.”

It was the perfect opportunity. He was already considering a return to school, the idea was in his head. But at his age, it is a think-well; the compensation for the studies, the price of the training, the time to devote… Mr. Legault had him remove all these glitches.

A scholarship $ 760 per week is offered to candidates. The training also includes access to a full-time job in NURSING after obtaining a certificate of professional studies, with an annual salary of $49,000.

The training begins on Monday at Fierbourg, Martin Gagné has bought his uniform and purchased all the books. He is excited to return to school, but motivated more than ever to begin the “second part” of his career.

Until the month of September, an estimated 630 hours of work in the years ahead, in theory and in practice. The man, 44-year-old is part of the 484 students who will soon be trained in Fierbourg, the place has received more than 1700 requests. The establishment has created 22 groups, day and evening, with 22 students per class. All laboratories will be devoted to the training of employees, and a maximum capacity.

“I was not expecting so many entries! But I was not surprised… there is a strong energy. All the process is done quickly, but very seriously. People think that it was easy to be selected… there were two interviews and several documents to provide. The people who are going to be there have been well chosen, they do it for the right reasons. I feel very privileged,” says the former interior designer.

The National Capital has expressed a need for 690 attendants as early as the fall, the vocational training Centre Fierbourg in form, therefore more than half.

The apple never falls far from the tree…

If Martin Won’t immediately directed to the field of health, he was going to do it one day or the other.

“My mother has a career like me. She worked in sales, and she decided to do the training to become a clerk. Then at the beginning of her retirement, she was close to helping at the bedside of the elderly who were going to leave us soon.”

The trade is not unknown. It has a lot of memories, all positive. Her mother worked in the private sector at the time.

“In my memories, my mother is very happy of his work. It was rewarding. It doesn’t mean that I have rose-colored glasses, I know there are a lot of work and it’s going to be difficult. I’m seeing things pretty hard, but I am convinced to be able to put all my energy in my job.”

There is also another aspect of the work on which it does not close the eyes : the population still has a big stigma on the profession. The pandemic has, however, highlighted the importance of the work that officers do every day.

“People have developed a different approach to the profession since the pandemic, it’s going to change, and it was time. The attendants become heroes in the eyes of all the world. I had a lot of positive reactions in my family when I announced my career change. When the PM managed to convince thousands of people to register, it speaks for itself. It has the heart on the hand, one wants to help. I look forward, I’m pissed!”, he says in closing.

It will not be the only career change next Monday, several others have chosen to move towards the trade of attendant, and to begin a new journey, with the prime objective to help “those who have built the province of Quebec”.

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