The Italians plan to start recycling at Lutsk on new technologies

							Итальянцы планируют начать переработку мусора под Луцком по новым технологиям

Italian firm Ompeco wants to build a recycling plant in Volyn. It will dispose of waste according to European technologies, reported in “Facebook” Elena Tverdokhlib, Chairman Knyagininskiy GSS, whose territory is situated the landfill of luck.

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Geplaatst door Elena Tverdokhlib op Vrijdag 5 oktober 2018

The only effective way to overcome the problem of the landfill could only be the construction of a modern waste processing plant based on European technology. Specialists in Ukraine, almost no… more than six months there are meetings with the representatives of the Italian company Ompeco, which is engaged in construction waste recycling plants in Europe and Canada, whose technology is built on the method of decay of waste and production of thermal energy. We have totally rejected the technique, precisely because it is a threat to both ecological and human

— Elena Tverdokhleb,

Chairman Knyagininskiy work.

Met the inventor of this technology Alberto Suheli and Chairman of the Volyn regional state administration Oleksandr Savchenko, an agreement was reached to establish a working group at the regional level for preparation of technical study, and later the design of the plant.

Earlier, Kiev announced a tender for construction waste recycling plant.