The jail for having attacked the police

La prison pour avoir attaqué des policières

La prison pour avoir attaqué des policières


16 July 2020 15: 50

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The jail for having attacked the police

La prison pour avoir attaqué des policières

La prison pour avoir attaqué des policières

Isabelle Mathieu

The Sun

A man with no previous judicial who had attacked the police in the hope to shoot down was given a sentence of 12 months imprisonment.

Gilles Ledoux, 36 years old, has a seizure, masterful, 25 may 2019, when he noticed a ticket on his car’s windshield, in the district of Saint-Jean-Baptiste. He set out to break the signs marking the parking areas, screaming its displeasure.

Ledoux then fled from the two police dispatched to the scene at the request of concerned citizens. Once home, the man has a knife and attacked a police officer, cutting his vest to be bullet-resistant. In front of the threat, the second police then shot and reached Ledoux in the leg.

The man in crisis, has asked the police to continue to shoot him.

Ledoux pleaded guilty a few months ago to charges of assault on an officer, possession of a weapon for a purpose dangerous and mischief. He also pleaded guilty to two charges of assault causing bodily harm on party-goers at the exit of a bar, in June 2018.

Gilles Ledoux has made a therapy closed five months since the events. The psychiatrists have diagnosed her with a bipolar affective disease. He picked up the taste of life and recently found a job. Despite this, it is still considered as an individual impulsive and aggressive, which should continue to be treated.

After-effects for the police

The two police have suffered for several months with the aftermath of aggression: stress, hypervigilance and images which rotate in a loop in the brain.

Judge Jean-Louis Lemay of the Quebec Court recalled that for a long time, the courts regard as a most serious crime of assault on a representative of the forces of law and order. “The company has never tolerated and will never tolerate that individuals who are hired to protect us and ensure our security are challenged in the exercise of their duties,” insisted the judge Lemay.

Gilles Ledoux had tried to minimize the event and to give a character of normality, saying that the police must be ready to shoot and kill as needed. The judge Lemay did not agree. “This is normal, it is the police returning to work to protect and serve,” he said. On 25 may 2019, because of your state, you’re rather used the police to commit the irreparable, to meddle with your life and that this was not normal. I am delighted to see that your plans have changed today.”

For all of the charges, the judge Lemay requires Gilles Ledoux a sentence of 12 months, from which it deducts the time spent in detention and therapy. In combination with the sentence for the assault at the exit of a bar, the man will purge for approximately 7 months in prison. He will be on probation for three years.

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