The last straw

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Le NouvellisteLa goutte de trop

La goutte de trop

La goutte de trop

Beneficiaries attendant, Marie-France Lemay was absent when individuals are introduced into his apartment.


May 17, 2020 5: 00 am

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The last straw

CHRONIC / Marie-France Lemay was beautiful to be a woman of courageous and positive, that does not let go easily to discouragement, this flight of which she was a victim in the beginning of the week, this is the last straw.

“I can’t believe that it happened!”

The beneficiaries attendant was dismayed by discovering what had actually happened during his absence.

Individuals are introduced into his apartment, have everything turned upside down and then slip away in gentle with the tv, audio equipment, computer, printer…

“They even took the sweeper!”

Marie-France does not understand that. Fly a vacuum cleaner. We have seen it all. The criminals have even stolen a saucepan.

What is particularly disheartening in this story, it is learned that the computer contained several personal files, including a countless number of photos.

Burglars have abandoned the premises with memories invaluable to the single parent of three boys aged 9, 6 and 4 years old.

Add insult to injury, these cowards have taken advantage of the fact that this health care worker is often not home in the pandemic period and overtime to smash the door in the back and use brazenly.

“They have taken the time to search.”

In the drawers and closets, but, above all, in its intimacy.

“I find it hard, that one…”

Marie-France has contacted the police department, but has not called his insurance company. The tenant was not insured. Yes, she knows, she should have been, but do we put in its place a little.

When the young woman’s 34-year-old was separated from the father of her children, she had a difficult ends of the month.

In the winter of 2019, Marie-France has found with relief a large affordable housing in the district of Saint-Marc, Shawinigan. She became disillusioned by shopping for home insurance. The premium was much too high for his salary as a clerk, while she was working at that time three days per week.

The mother of this family has been shopping at the dropper, even private for that his boys are taken care of. To pay its bills was a source of stress.

“I had never known that…”

Forced to count every dollar spent, Marie-France has not really had the choice to ensure his car rather than his property, earned by the sweat of his brow. Today, she pays for it doubling the price.

Marie-France is not in the process of complaining. Also, she does not hesitate to qualify this last year of “rushante and beneficial”.

It has taken the decision to rebuild a new life with her young. It was painful at the beginning, but over the months, the mom newly in love and in full-time work knew that he was on the right track. She managed to take the head out of the water. Finally.

Then came the pandemic.

When a health emergency has been declared in Quebec, the beneficiaries attendant has packed up to go and settle with her three boys and her husband in the empty house of the parents of it.

The stepfamily would benefit from more space to go through this confinement period. The children would have a court order to have fun, a merry trio that their mother has not seen a lot since a month and a half.

Patient care attendant at the hospital in Shawinigan, Marie-France was quickly called in reinforcements for the CHSLD the Site where it has recorded many cases of contagion and deaths connected to the COVID-19.

She admits to will be presented there in fear.

“When I arrived, there were 4 or 5 deaths per day.”

To avoid infecting his children, Marie-France was separated from them for three weeks. They were with their father where she was going to see them outside of the house, without being able to kiss her. Sad for all the world.

“These are little boys to mom”, smiled Marie-France who wept for their absence. His sons did not always understand why she told them: “No, no hugs…”

Marie-France has recently been able to resume their custody, to his delight.

In the last few days, the attendant to the beneficiaries reaped the rewards of a well-deserved break with his children.

The young woman went to her apartment as she did every week to pick up his mail. She was also given an appointment to a colleague that the washer had just been to the soul at the worst time.

“Just searching for mine. I no longer need. My boyfriend already has,” he has spontaneously offered Marie-France before realizing that thieves without scruples had passed away in her home.

No, she really did not need this tile to the head. During our telephone conversation, Marie-France Lemay said he was anguished at the idea of going back to her apartment to do the cleaning.

“Nobody deserves that…” she said, succeeding in spite of everything, to keep his positivism.

“The last year has been the worst of my life, but since January, I was climbing quietly up the slope. I was born under a lucky star”, continues to repeat the charge to beneficiaries affected right in the heart with the gesture of a brother in his place.

In a sign of solidarity, a fundraising campaign (“let’s Help Marie-France”) has been created on the platform GoFundMe.

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