The machinations of the wages in envelopes – GFS fined employers almost a billion hryvnia

Махинации с зарплатами в конвертах – ГФС оштрафовала работодателей почти на миллиард гривен

For violation of legislation in the payment of wages employers are additionally accrued to payment 843 million. This is stated on the official website of the State fiscal service in Facebook.

“During January – August of 2018 representatives of the SFS identified 5.1 thousand salaried persons who worked without registration of labour relations with the employer”, – stated in the message.

As noted, the use of illegally hired work is one of the violations identified during inspections of economic entities. So, for 8 months of this year employees of DFS found violations of tax legislation in 46% of the tested entities.

“By results of checks in the budget of almost 642 million hryvnia tax on personal income to 173 million hryvnias of the single contribution and the 28 million military training”, – stated in the message.

Representatives from DFS are also included in the composition of the working groups on legalization of wages and employment, created at the initiative of local Executive authorities engaged in the investigation of industrial premises of legal and physical persons, carrying out entrepreneurial activities. Conducted outreach to employers.

“The results of these activities employers 39.7 million additionally concluded employment contracts with employees”, – reported in the DFS.

For the specified period according to the results of verification work identified 138 citizens who carried out entrepreneurial activity without state registration. In addition, according to the results of other measures involved in the state registration of 10,9 thousand citizens engaged in entrepreneurial activities without registration. Budgets additional paid 11.2 million hryvnias of taxes and fees and 14 million hryvnias of a uniform contribution.

Махинации с зарплатами в конвертах – ГФС оштрафовала работодателей почти на миллиард гривен

As reported on our website earlier, the police detained the head of the public Council under the main administration of State fiscal service of Ukraine in Kiev for a bribe of more than 2 million hryvnia.