The Marseille vs. the rest of the World 3 : A Marseille eliminated, Paga pissed off at Julien Bert… What will happen next week

What will happen next week in the Marseille VS. the rest of the World 3 ? The response below.

During episode 51 of Marseille VS the rest of the World season 3, Kevin Guedj and Benjamin Samat were in danger and it is the vote of Carla Moreau, who is going to change everything… And as you can see in the credits of the show, it’s Kevin Guedj who will be eliminated from the adventure ! The pretty blonde wants a lot, but she wanted to give a proof of love to Julien Bert… Paga, has a grudge against his comrade, and it is downright regret not to have eliminated ! And obviously, the young man is then going to trigger the wrath of Julien Bert… Between the two boys, there will be some tension !

Les Marseillais vs le reste du Monde 3 : Un Marseillais éliminé, Paga énervé contre Julien Bert... Ce qui va se passer la semaine prochaine

Next week, the two teams of W9 will also find David Lantin for a new collective test… This time, the two families will be disguised in the electrical outlet ! And they will have only one goal : find the power ! An event that promises to be pretty funny to watch… In any case, it will be necessary to win this race collective to be able to enlarge his family ! But in the meantime to learn more about the rest of this adventure quite explosive, know that we know if Julien Bert is upsetting to watch the episodes of Marseilles VS the rest of the World season 3…