The Marseille vs. the rest of the World 3 : Paga does not let go Julia, a new candidate arrives in the adventure… What will happen next week

What will happen next week in the Marseille VS. the rest of the World 3 ? The answer can be found below.

You may have noticed during the last few episodes : The people of Marseille have been buying up all the rest of the World ! Also during the episode 25 of Marseille VS the rest of the World 3, Coralie Porrovecchio, Nikola Lozina, Laura Lempika and Julien Guirado have planted David Lantin ! But their morale is not completely flat and the next week, they will give their best to succeed in the coming battles. And also during one of the battles, Paga will try the all out with Julia while trying to steal a few kisses… But the beautiful brunette will stay on its positions : among them, it is finished !

Les Marseillais vs le reste du Monde 3 : Paga ne lâche pas Julia, un nouveau candidat débarque dans l'aventure... Ce qui va se passer la semaine prochaine

Next week, a new candidate will also land in the adventure and it is a Marseillais ! You know him well, as he attended the people in Australia… It’s Jeremy ! A new boy, full of muscles that is going to be a little scary to the rest of the World… It must be said that they will be more than 5 candidates face to 8 Marseille ! But nothing will be lost to them, since a new ceremony will take place next week ! Before discovering the rest of this adventure, know that we know if Kevin Guedj and Carla Moreau returned as a couple during their trip in Italy.