The mask N95 required for the employees of the businesses

Le masque N95 requis pour les employés des commerces

Le masque N95 requis pour les employés des commerces

Masks manufactured at great expense for large chain stores may not be used, because the CNESST requires the wearing of surgical face mask N95.


21 July 2020 16: 30

Updated 17: 20


The mask N95 required for the employees of the businesses

Michel Ducas

Initiative of journalism-local – The canadian Press

Several large chain stores have been manufactured with the high costs of masks reusable fabric… that will not be used. In a document to which The canadian Press has obtained a copy, the Standards Commission, Equity, Health and Safety in the Workplace (CNESST) imposes on the employees of the businesses the port of the surgical mask (or N95) for employees who are not located behind a plexiglas. The document further specifies that the masks handcrafted in fabric are not suitable for such cases.

The news was confirmed by a spokesperson of the CNESST, Maxime Boucher. “It is indeed the policy of the CNESST in regards to the shops,” he says. However, it was impossible to know what are the sanctions for employers who would not provide these masks in sufficient quantity for their employees. The directive of the CNESST provides for a minimum of four disposable masks for each employee, and indicates that any mask that are soiled or too wet must be changed.

Enough is enough, ” said the AQMAT

The quebec Association of hardware and building materials (AQMAT) believes that this volte-face of the CNESST is too much. “Enough is enough, lance’s president and chief executive officer of the AQMAT, Richard Darveau. Already our members have to play the police with the customers and that they are the ones that have to pay for clients ‘ recalcitrant, now there’s another measure that our members will implement.” Mr. Darveau has more the shilly-shallying of the public Health in the file of the mask. “I have a quincailler of Montreal, a member of our association, who had been crucified in the public square because he had surgical masks for their employees while there was a shortage. We even encouraged our members to donate their masks at the health staff to try to alleviate the shortage. With what we know today, it would have been necessary that you can keep it?”

Richard Darveau indicated that the members of the AQMAT have at heart the health and safety of their employees. The question is not there, according to him. “It is always two weights and two measures, he argued. It is just that we do not know on which foot to dance. I also have a thought for all the traders who, thinking to do well, have spent thousands of dollars to do make masks for their employees, and who are told by the CNESST that these masks are not compliant.”

Richard Darveau indicated that it will ensure that its approximately 1000 members are informed of these new guidelines. In the meantime, sources confirm to us that the chains of hardware stores, such as BMR are in talks with the ministry of Health to ensure that the rules concerning the wearing of the mask for the employees to be relaxed.

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