The MBAM dismisses Nathalie Bondil

Le MBAM congédie Nathalie Bondil

Photo: Pedro Ruiz Archives The Duty
Nathalie Bondil

Nathalie Bondil is no longer executive director and chief curator of the Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal (MMFA). The board of directors confirmed Monday afternoon his dismissal.

As The Duty return in the last days, is the question of the working relationship “toxic,” explains a decision which will be perceived as a thunder clap in quebec’s cultural landscape.

In a press release sent in early after-noon on Monday, the chairman of the board, Michel de la Chenelière writes that ” since last year, the Museum has seen many departures of key employees and has been made aware of evidence troubling of employees reporting an apparent deterioration in the work climate. “

An independent report was commissioned to clarify the issue. “The report submitted by the firm conjured up such a significant degradation and factor in the work climate, described by some employees as” toxic “. The gravity of the facts reported has quickly convinced the board of directors to enter into discussions with Ms. Bondil in order to find solutions to this situation deemed unacceptable. “

However, “in recent months, attempts many times repeated by the board of directors to find a solution to this situation that had become intolerable faced the intransigence of Ms. Bondil and its denial of several conclusions, yet, without the call of the report,” says the press release.

It is pointed out that ” the dual function of executive director and chief curator has also been raised in the course of road [in the audit], leading inevitably to the creation of the new position of director of conservation for the good of the Museum and its staff “. This is Mary-Dailey Desmarais, who was awarded the post.

“Today, a categorical refusal of ms. Bondil to accept a settlement proposal that would have allowed all parties to begin a smooth transition by the end of his contract expected to end June 2021 convinced the board to put an immediate end to her employment as executive director and chief curator. “

Other details will follow.

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