The media point of Justin Trudeau… in Lego version [VIDEO]

Le point de presse de Justin Trudeau... en version Lego [VIDÉO]

The press conference of prime minister Trudeau in Lego version, a concept imagined by the daughter of one of the photographers Right.

April 24, 2020 16h43

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The media point of Justin Trudeau… in Lego version [VIDEO]

The Right


“Together, we will get there”, this is what the prime minister Justin Trudeau said often, and it is this that has inspired the daughter of one of our photographers.

Rafaëlle Woodbury anxiously awaited the return of his father, Patrick, to tell him about his idea of making a movie of Justin Trudeau in Lego.

“I watched the press point Justin, I am certain that we can do that in Lego “.

Here is the little story behind the construction of the Rideau Cottage by Lego, and filming a stop-motion of a press briefing by Mr. Trudeau, from the arrival of the media, the audit by agents of the RCMP to the output daily of the first minister, in front of his residence at Ottawa.

Since the beginning of the crisis of the COVID-19, there is a month and a half, Justin Trudeau speaks to Canadians every day.

Here’s the video:


The point of the press daily life of the canadian prime minister, Justin Trudeau, entirely imagined in Lego version.

Patrick Woodbury, Right

Le Soleil

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