The memory and storage of Huawei P30 revealed

La mémoire vive et le stockage du Huawei P30 dévoilés

The Huawei P30, which will be marketed this year, talking about storage and ram memory according to an information GSMArena. The declination Pro has also unveiled these two characteristics.

Huawei intends to conquer the telephony market for the years to come. The chinese company, which has trailed the u.s. government in justice, can count on very good models sold at a lower price than its main competitors Apple and Samsung. Huawei will rely on its future Huawei P30 to sell more models, and it is the latter that interests us today through a leak from GSMArena. Of course, these rumors are to be taken with a grain of salt, even if the site has often just typed in the past. The information relates to both the storage and the ram of the P30.

La mémoire vive et le stockage du Huawei P30 dévoilés

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According to GSMArena, the Huawei P30 would have 6 Gb of RAM with a storage of 128 Gb. The Huawei P30 Pro would have on him 8 Gb of RAM and 256 Gb of storage. As A comparison, the Huawei P20 had 4 Gb of RAM and 6 Gb for the Huawei P20 Pro. The technical specifications of the smartphone will therefore be aware of an upgrade that is not negligible. Remains to be seen whether the route of the firm will not be barred by numerous charges of spying for the Chinese government, as of late. To countering rumors, Huawei did not hesitate to open the doors of its factory to journalists.