The Metropolitan spoke about the new turnstiles on the “Lev Tolstoy Square”

В метрополитене рассказали о новых турникетах на «Площади Льва Толстого»

В метрополитене рассказали о новых турникетах на «Площади Льва Толстого»

In the lobby of the metro station “Lev Tolstoy Square” began to work the new turnstiles installed in January. While they will only accept Bank cards and smartphones with contactless payment.

New turnstiles — Ukrainian development. Specialists metro with Jan set them, writes The Village.

“The new turnstiles consist of a tripod, which detects the passage of each passenger, there is also room for applying the card. First, they will only work for contactless credit cards and smartphones. The model of the turnstiles is not the same to which we are accustomed: they are high and unlike any other in the metro. But they are vandal-proof: they are more difficult to jump and this is a fairly common practice in the Kiev metro. Similar turnstiles installed, in particular, in the metro of Paris and new York” — said the press-Secretary of “Kiev underground” Natalka Makogon.

New turnstiles are installed as an extra. As noted Makogon, within six months they will test, and hopefully will add other functions and will be installed at other metro stations.

Recall, the metro was cancelled and then promised to reopen the tender for the design of the fourth line of the Kiev metro. The cancellation of the previous tender in the mayor’s office called a technical point.

As previously reported, Klitschko has promised to open the metro to the tenants within two years. We are talking about the metro stations green line — “Mostyska” on the street Boundary and the “Truth” on the same Avenue. Now there are preparatory works will soon begin the active phase of metro construction.